Implants, bridges and crowns

Implants and their durability strongly depend on the care of the implant. A dental implant can last a lifetime, if the care is correct and the implant gets checked regularly by a dentist. Also, the interdental brush plays a relevant role because interdental brushes also clean surfaces that the ordinary toothbrush cannot reach.

Crowns replace lost tooth substance and give the tooth an external protection. Due to the resulting crown rim, teeth are more susceptible and it must be cared well for. The crown edge is mostly below the scope of the toothbrush and can only be reached between the teeth with an interdental brush.

Bridges are a denture worn by adjacent teeth, a tooth gap is “bridged”. Bridges represent a particular challenge for care. Since dental floss cannot be inserted from above under the bridging link, interdental brushes must be used. Our WINGBRUSH comfortably adjusts the bridging and cleans gently next to and below the bridge.