Our history

The idea of the WINGBRUSH was already in the year 2013. The first sales product was in 2015, however. Behind the WINGRBUSH is our company, the Luoro GmbH, which was also founded in 2015. We, that is Louis, Marc and Burak, the founders and managing directors of Luoro have known us since childhood.

The name of the WINGBRUSH was created by the innovative design, which consists of two “thighs”. The English word “wing”, in German “wing”, stands for the thigh / wing built in the design. The English word “brush”, is intended to illustrate the benefit as well as the product category of the interdental brushes.

We are constantly working to meet the wishes of the WINGBRUSH users to develop new products as well as to introduce further product categories.


Our task

We have set ourselves the task of finally taking the everyday problem of interdental cleaning into the hand. Our innovative product, the WINGBRUSH Interdental Brush, makes interdental cleaning a child play and thus solves everyday problems. For what is better than a charming smile to leave a lasting positive first impression. Healthy, beautiful teeth are crucial. For this reason, our WINGBRUSH is indispensable. For us, the awareness of dental care and, above all, interdental cleaning is to be strengthened. Due to the continuous development progress, we are constantly developing new product ideas for you to optimize your dental care. 

Our team

Louis is the inventor among us. He not only possesses the necessary inventor spirit, but also the decisive know-how and the necessary dexterity that he brings as a dentist. In addition to his work with us, Louis continues to work as a dentist, in order to increase his knowledge steadily. Louis is constantly developing new product ideas for you and pushing forward the development of the products. Accordingly, his desk often looks like this. And since Louis only wants the best for you, colleagues are often used as first test persons. Louis is a cheerful nature, always in a good mood, which is not at least because he is spending his leisure time on the hockey field to balance himself.

Burak is our creative head and lateral thinker. Website, online store, posters, packaging design and much more related to the design & marketing aspects fall into Burak’s area of responsibility, and not without reason. Creativity, technical affinity and enthusiasm for photography are what distinguish him. Burak is not infrequently used by his colleagues for all the design and color decisions that arise, especially since you might think that everyone else is color blind. In addition to the marketing, organizational tasks, as well as the finances and everything relevant to the online, are included in his task spectrum. Our man with the through-view.

Marc is no mountain too steep, no problem too big and above all no joke too flat, which makes him unintentionally to the entertainer of the group. Marc is not only responsible for the finances, but also takes care of logistics and sales. A man for everything, whereas his strengths being mainly to convince people with his acquired Italian charm. In order to relax, Marc enjoys to climb in his spare time, to drive with a tandem and girlfriend through Germany, or simply to repair bicycles – just what men do. And even if he did not study tourism, he has already seen more than Felix the rabbit.

Kathy is virtually Buraks right hand and supports the team with her background in marketing and business psychology. From social media to website and newsletter, advertising and product shootings are part of her work as well. She finds variety from typical desk work by supporting the others. When she is not somewhere around the world with her backpack, she loves to spend her time with good music and concerts. She really has a sweet tooth and would NEVER say no to any kind of sweets!

Alex is the newest member of our team. He deals with all the daily tasks like orders, customer queries and research. Additionally he supports Marc with hard-fought bookkeeping tasks and data storage. Another one of his countless and diverse duties is to take care of the website and help Louis with the product development. When it comes to playing games, he is always in, although his ping-pong skills are improvable! Alex’ secondary job is to provide the team with ‘daily facts’.